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Ship Husbanding & Port Agency

We have a panel of approved suppliers chosen on the basis of their reliability & capacity to offer competitive prices and good quality supplies required for our ship husbanding services. Shivam Shipping Services   agents look into the needs of the vessels, their crew and their cargo at reasonable cost. Complete services can be arranged for the vessels docking at any hour of the day.


Supporting the international shipping community from this strategic location with :

  • Supplies: bunker, lubricants, spares, bonded stores, provisions and fresh water, and delivery of CTM.
  • Discharging/loading and/or transhipment of all types of cargoes, including heavy lifts, yachts, etc.
  • Monitoring and attendance of vessel operations both inside and outside harbour.
  • Ship repair and maintenance for vessels both dry and afloat.
  • Underwater surveying and cleaning.
  • Surveying, servicing and certification of ship’s equipment.
  • STS operations both inside and outside harbour.
  • Removals : waste, slops, tank washings, de-bunkering.
  • Surveys, Audits and Inspections on Vessel, Cargo and Bunkers.



  • A working attitude that considers your business as if it is our own
  • Protecting your interest without fail as our primary objective
  • Communicating regular updates on vessel operations and cargo matters
  • Available on a 24×7 basis all year round
  • Providing a close and honest contact point with Principals and Customers
  • Leveraging decades of experience to anticipate issues and propose timely solutions
  • Deliver facts and realities. We say ‘yes’ and it is guaranteed. We say ‘regretfully sorry not possible’ after having exhausted all avenues and possibilities.



  • A lean setup that provides an easy and direct access to our team whilst ensuring personal attention. This business-smart approach is a key element that allows  Shivam Shipping Services to provide competitive tariffs for services.
  • Transparent and honest approach when raising disbursement costs for the Principal. Our philosophy has always been to move away from the concept endorsed by other agents that try to profit from services and supplies furnished to the vessel.
  • A meticulous coordination of efficiency and cost. This translates to effective operations and timely deliveries planned at keeping vessels on their tight schedules. All of which is supervised by a team of personnel having years of ship owning and ship management experience.
  • Solid and trusted local network developed over decades of business experience. Shivam Shipping Services  has developed excellent relationships and strategic contacts within the Malta maritime industry and other key entities beyond the maritime sector. This allows Shivam Shipping Services  to achieve timely solutions and provide excellent support to their Principals.
  • We provide a holistic portfolio of maritime services for a one stop shop solution to all your maritime requirements.

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