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ATA Carnet Services

ATA Carnet Services

We are involved in providing ATA Carnet Services based in Maharashtra. The backbone of our company is our team of experienced professionals. We are capable of providing all the services related to ATA Carnet.  Our experts provide consultation for procuring a carnet and the type of carnet right for you. In addition, we also help you in assessment and payment of duty of items imported under carnet, which are intended for home consumption. Clients can obtain the Services at reasonable rates from us.


We can provide you with all services Related toATA CARNETandCARNET DE PASSAGEsuch as :

  • Consultationfor Procuring a Carnet and the type of Carnet Right for you
  • Shipping ServicesFor Goods and Vehicles Under Carnet
  • Customs ClearanceFor Goods and Vehicles Under Carnet In India and Destination Country
  • Extend Retention PeriodFor Vehicles and Goods under Carnet
  • Assessment and Payment Of Dutyof Items Imported under Carnet which are Intended for Home Consumption
  • Surrender of Vehiclesunder Carnet, Procurement of Certificate Of Location from Customs

The ATA Carnet is a simple customs document which is readily made out by the holder and checked by the customs.

  • For business people the ATA Carnet provides a simple and speedy way to travel abroad with business materials. It saves both time and money and this is a very important factor in international competition.
  • Trade circles, guaranteeing associations and customs administrations all acknowledge the excellent operation of the ATA Carnet System.
  • For the customs, the use of the ATA Carnet entails less administrative work and increased customs safety since the payment of import duties and taxes is guaranteed by the guaranteeing association affiliated to the WCF/ATA guarantee chain in the territory of the temporary admission.
  • The guarantee is automatic and the customs need not check its validity for each Carnet. In addition, the system does not affect the revenue of the nation since the goods covered by the ATA Carnets are intended for re-exportation and not at all for sale in the country of temporary admission. The system is "self-policing" in that should the Carnet holder fail to re-export the goods within the period of validity of the Carnet, duties become payable.

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